tiffany valvo, dma
A  vibrant  performer  fueled  by  teaching

"Through others, we become ourselves."
Lev Vygotsky

From a young age I was always looking for people to teach. I asked my classmates if I could help them with the latest assignment during recess, and I forced my siblings to come into my "school" (a transformed bedroom) so that I could teach them every and anything. Then I found music, and I became engulfed in a world of self reflection as I honed my craft. However, I quickly knew I needed teaching, I needed interaction, as much as I needed music. 
I am the Assistant Professor of Clarinet at Virginia Commonwealth University, and previously was a lecturer in the theory department at Syracuse Universty and Nazareth College. In my doctoral studies at the Eastman School of Music I was the teaching assistant of Jon Manasse and Kenneth Grant, taught University of Rochester students applied clarinet, and ran Eastman’s clarinet choir. 

I am sincerely interested in understanding how we learn, and how to most effectively teach and assess music students in order to promote growth. 
past student comments

"My favorite memory with the clarinet studio by far involves one of our guest artists, Tiffany Valvo. Sitting in her masterclasses was absolutely incredible and getting to talk to her and her bubbly personality was a lot of fun. She shared her knowledge not only about finding a job in the future but also about being a clarinet performer. Tiffany created an atmosphere that lightened the room, and from just sitting in on two masterclass, I learned so much!" — From Florida State Univeristy's Clarinet Studio Blog, Spring 2018

"Friendly, detailed, focused and disciplined teacher who really helped me improve." —Applied Clarinet Student, Spring 2016

“Very passionate about the clarinet...very encouraging…great semester and she has really helped me improve. Always comes up with new analogies, makes lessons enjoyable! — Applied Clarinet at the University of Rochester, Fall 2014/Spring 2015

“Tiffany Valvo was my favorite professor this year. She has high expectations but she also is an incredible encourager." 
—Spring 2015 Aural Skills Student

"This instructor was one of the best I have ever had. She was incredibly helpful and really cared about the student's learning. The work was clearly explained and graded fairly. I can't think of a single thing about this course that I wouldn't deem excellent." -—MUS 126, Spring 2016​

"Tiffany is truly a wonderful example of a  teacher who genuinely cares about each one of her students. She is dedicated to each of her students gaining experience and success in musicianship and I can't say enough about her enthusiasm and constant care."
—MUS 126, Spring 2016

"You are by far one of the best professors I have ever had, and I hope to be taught by you again in the future... we have all become better students and people from being in your class."

- Fall 2017, VCU Fundamentals Student

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